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About children

Do you like children? How many children would you like to have?



Yes,I like children .They are very  cute .I want to have two .A boy and a girl .I hope they grow happily

yes ... very much. children are my passion that is why i took teaching as my career

because being with children  my hope and dreams are produce excellent children. i like it most when I could open their  minds. seeing them learn satisfies me very much. I have two children. the eldest is female now working as a nurse.

youngest is male. I was able to give my daughter her dream which was to  become a licensed nurse

thats a little achievement on my part as a parent. my youngest child a boy now in college. i was able to develop his total potential as a person . he is good at English communication  . his comprehension and speaking skill  is very excellent . I was able to developed him. as one of his  English teacher in Elementary and  highschool I took it as a chance . following up  assignments  especially english. he was able to become as grand champion in a city spelling bee earning a Free full 4 years ( free of matriculations / school fees)  of college scholarship in one  of the premier University De Lasalle University here in my country   Philippines . I am proud to say that in my humble way I was able to produce  oustanding children if not average which was also in the case of my students , developing their best potentials and totality as a person are my innermost goal.

i'd prefer DINK.i don't want my kid inherit my health defects ,besides,i don't want my kid live in this decayed society. Maybe i will adopt a white or mestizo kid  if i move out from china

i like children so much and i get along with them easily..i want to have 2 children :)

yes.. I want to have two one boy and 1 girl if possible twins.. If ever my first two children have same gender I would go for three but my maximum would be three minimum 2.

3 children, from a beatifull girl, who sacrifice all her life too me. like my mom :)

My wife and I are proud parents of one daughter.  We wanted to have a second child, but we were not able to have another child.  Raising a child is expensive and it takes a lot of responsiblity.  It cost an average of $200,000 to raise a child from birth to age 18 in the United States. 


I believe that it's now immoral for any parent to procreate more than a few offspring, because the world today is overpopulated.  I believe that world governments should limit the number of offspring that parents are allowed to procreate.  I support family planning programs which offer contraceptives and reproductive sterilization procedures that will prevent anybody from overpopulating the world.   

Yes ofcourse I like children especially when I hug them, amazing feeling. I would like to have 4 no matter if boys or girls because it's God control


Yes, I like kids but, I would never adopt any of my own.  I don't have mental capacity nor the ability to do so. Besides, I think I would make a terrible father anyway.

I would like to have 2 children (all boys), I like kids, I like to play with them.

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