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Colours in Hindi


In Hindi "Sky blue" colour called "Aasmani"because Aasman means Sky.



is in hindi Aseman means  sky . Aseman is a persian word !


Yes Mohsen,you will be surprise to know that Hindi has approximatly 1600 words which are coming from Persian.:)

good Anita . I really want to know more .tell me more example . tell me why ?


OK.Mohsen here are some more eg.Kitab----book,Masala----metter,sang---stone,Khira----cucumber,Kanun---law,furasat-----free time or free.To understand this mingling you have to read Indian History or History of Hindi language


Here some more Kitab---book,Khira---cucumber, Furasat-----free time or free



To understand this mingling you have to read history of Hindi language

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