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What do you think about Russian literature?

I like Russian literature, especially the books by Dostoevsky. What do you like?



I think the russian classics are the main vein of the world literature.Especially as you say Dostoyevski, Gorki, Puşkin, Turgenyev and the other ımportant novelists.

I've really only read the more popular classics from Dostoyevsky and Tolstoy, mainly due to time. Between studying various languages, it leaves me little time to read, and the Russian novels tend to be quite long. But they are great masterpieces!



it's fantastic,i've read some  novels  written by“ Алексей Максимович Пешков”and i like the poet<f by life you were deceived> by"Александр Сергеевич Пушкин"

I like Dostoevsky, Tolstoy, Gogol, Bulgakov, Chekhov. They are always relevant. 

I see nobody's mentioned Akhmatova here. Her Requiem is startling.

"Мастер и маргарита" - вещь. 

Dostoevsky, Tolstoy,Chekhov, Nikolai Gogol, Pushkin, Boris Pasternak, Ivan Turgenev....; Great Writers!!

Russian literature is outdated!!!!!!?????? So all human beings are outdated!

Of course, Gogol and Saltykov-Shchedrin)) T can read their novels in any time of life, Dostoevsky is too serious and moralistic, so it should be dosed, otherwise you can gat depressed. In my opinion, of course.

Russian literature-treasures of the world.

If we read without russian literature,just like we have a big meal without salt.

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