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Need some help!

Hello! I really want to learn Korean. My goal is to watch Korean drama without reading subtitles. I will be most willingly to help you in return. :)


안녕하세요! 정말 한국어를 배우고 싶습니다. 내 목표 한국 드라마 자막 읽지 않고 보는 것입니다. 나는 대부분의 수익으로 기꺼이 도움이 될 수 있습니다. :)



annyeonghaseyo.. i really want to learn korea too.. care to lern together? gamsahamnida

I also study Korea ,I hope we can help each other.

Hi, I'm a Koran. I can help you :D

Oops. I misspelled!


Hi, I'm a Korean. I can help you :D

Hello Jina :) Thanks in advance for your help. Can't message you here :( Here's my skype alyssa.delmundo :)


Hello, you wrote "My goal is to watch Korean drama without reading subtitles."


My advice would be to start watching Korean drama right away, while you are learning from your Korean textbook.

You should master Hangul first.

Then you can take one specific drama (maybe with your favorite actor) and watch a certain scene ten times. Is there a sentence that strikes you, sounds interesting or a word that you even understand already? Write it down! Check it with somebody on italki. ask questions.... this takes time but in the end, you will watch Korean drama without reading subtitles!

I learned basic Korean and used to watch Korean dramas with ENG SUBS only. I also like variety shows. But you know, it takes time to sub videos. I couldn't wait to watch some shows, so I started to watch it without subs. And guess what? After some time, I realized that I've started to understand K-dramas and shows without eng subs. 

Now, I can even understand Korean radio shows. I still don't understand how's that possible? Haha. 

I agree with Floboy on this. 

But the thing about korean drama and variety shows, they often use alot of shorten korean words, and terms that mostly native speakers would understand. 

That is my goal as well.  I love watching Korean dramas and hate to wait until someone else has translated the dramas into English.  I found a way to watch Korean shows online live, but would love to just watch and enjoy.  I need more practice. 

watching many korean dramas could help you to learn korean :) 

but it needs much time to watching them.

just enjoy watching dramas, then you would suddenly notice your korean got much better someday ;)  


화이팅!! (^o^)//

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