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That is the worst thing which you hate to do?

For an example: The worst thing for me is going to school. It is awful place in the world. I hate school and how adout you?



That What is the worst thing which that you hate to do?


For an example:the worst thing for me is going to school.  It is the most awful place in the world.  I hate school, and how about you? 


It's been a few years since I last went to school.  It was never my favourite place to go,  and I am very glad it is over. Many grown ups told me that I would miss school when I grew up,  but I do not. But i really enjoy learning,  and I think it is a great shame that school can take all the fun out of learning!


I would say everything related to insect and spider family needs to be eradicated, especially bees. I absolute cannot stand bees (hornets, wasps, etc).

I hate going to school and work.. I wish I can just study and work at home through online.


I hate drinking and smoking but I do drink once or twice a month and smoke 1 - 5 times per year.

I hate getting up from the bed.

I hate there are so many ordeals which hard to overcome as those obstacles are not resolved  by myself . The destiny is frequently determined by his personality , family , education background and the whole society . Even you are not fond of some of them , you have to confront and overcome .

I hate all the things that I'm forced to do for "survive" and that occupy my time (pratically all days)...

I hate to do my homework. But now I have to write my English composition,that's the most terrible thing in the world

Soren - I hope you realise how invaluable to everyday life the humble bee actually is. Wipe out bugs and everything will be extinct within a few years. Learn to love them as they allow you to live!

I don't do anything I hate. I do many things I don't like but not anything I truly hate :) 

Oh :)

Why people don't like studying? :)

To my mind, it's essential for us. Of course, I don't like subjects like physics or chemistry, but I love my school. Because I can communicate with my friends and classmates.

And so, I'm fond of learning new things and improving myself.

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