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Chat Friends: English and Philosophy and life :)

Hello. I guess I am good in English, and  would like to chat a bit in my free time about things of life etc. So SKYPE ME if you want to talk!!


I study philosophy and literature, interested in theory of life and ethics, and cuture, and interested to know people of other cultures. 


I have lived for some years in Germany, so would like specially to meet people living there, just to rekindle old memories, and may be learn some Gemran!


But friends from anywehre with a bent for tallking about the world, life, cltures, philosophy, politics and everything is welcome!! :)


Skype: willtorecord



Hi, I am also interested in literature and philosophy.  The kind of literature I most enjoy is poetry.  The kind of philosophy I most enjoy is Chinese philosophy.  How about you?



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