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How do you spend your money on?


I'm scared when I start to count how much i spend.
Im 26 ,but i  still have not learned to control my spending.
I live alone, I do not like to go shopping,but... I have a few passions.The first  is a good  food.I'm gourmet and and I cant to resist this.I The second-i  love antique books ,rare books, if I see them in Moscow or St. Petersburg I always buy it.

 And whats your passions?




Hello hello. 
I also spend uncontrollably, and, as soon as I get money in my hands I find a way to spend it as soon as possible. My first passion is good food,  and then I like buying clothes and interesting jewelry. The one thing I give most of my money on is giving certain amounts to people who don't have enough and/or are poor, and hungry. We have an expression in Bosnia it says: "He spends money as if the money itches him." (s he has to give it away asap, so the itch would stop. We're funny people, but still, I spend too much money. :D 


Compulse buying is so easy to do if you're not careful.  I often have to ask myself: Do I really need it or am I buying it just because it's a good deal?  It's usually a good idea to have cash (if possible) on you, so that way you know how much money you're actually spending. I try to keep track of each purchase I make so that why I know how much money I actually have. That's why I try to avoid using my debit/credit when possible.  When I do use it, I have to pay attention so that why I don't go overboard. 


What I try to do is always put a certain amount in savings and give myself a set amount of "spending money" to use. 



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