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What's the difference between UK, Great Britain and England? Also are British and English different?

In your language do you have words for these different words? I know some don't distinguish.


(Note: I know the answer :P I'm just curious if others outside the UK know)



UK includes England, Wales, Scotland and Northen Ireland. Now if you say United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland.


Britain includes England, Wales and Scotland, those countries are in the same island.

Here is a lovely explanation, which from I learned about differences between The Crown and Commonwealth.

I don't think it's for me to say. If the people wanted to be part of Ireland I would support that likewise if they want to stay in the UK I would too. It's difficult though as there's the obvious divide which lately has been flarring up over the taking down of a union jack. I don't see any obvious solution. Of course in hindsight it would have been better if the protestants hadn't moved over there, but then you can't just remove them since it's their home now too.


I'm interested in other people answering my second question. In your language do you have words for: UK, Great Britain and England? 

In Turkey people tend to distinguish the countries of the UK and treat each like an individual country. They call England as "İngiltere", Scotland as "İskoçya", Wales as "Galler" and North Ireland as "Kuzey İrlanda". The United Kingdom is translated as, i think, "Büyük Biritanya" as i heard it from TV, which means "Great Britain". However, due to the complex structure of the unified country, sometimes they call the whole UK as "İngiltere" as well. This is a misconception. There is not also any term to refer the word "british". Some will translate it as "İngiliz" which is another mistake. Therefore, in order to avoid this sort of problems they prefer to call the people of every country as seperate peoples : "ingiliz" for english, "iskoç" for scottish, "galli" for welsh and "irlandalı" for "irish". 

"In your language do you have words for: UK, Great Britain and England?"


Yes, in Poland we have names for all you mentioned about and little more:

Zjednoczone Królestwo Wielkiej Brytanii i Irlandii Północnej - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Anglia - England

Szkocja - Scotland

Walia - Wales

Irlandia - Ireland

Irlandia Północna - Northern Ireland

Wyspa Man - Isle of Man

The Crown - Korona brytyjska

Dependencja Korony brytyjskiej -  The Crown dependencies

Brytyjskie terytoria zamorskie - British Overseas Territories

Wspólnota Narodów/Wspólnota Brytyjska/Brytyjska Wspólnota Narodów - The Commonwealth/British Commonwealth/British Commonwealth of Nations

there is no official name for that - The Commonwealth realm


As an Asian person , this is what i know and I am keen to know the answer  


UK= united kingdom , comprises the main island and Wales island 

Great Britain=commonwealth , includes Canada, south Africa , Australia , Newzealand etc. 

England = The main body of UK , part of UK 


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