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Shenzhen the place to be?

Hi there everyone!

Soon my boss will send me to work in Shenzhen for a few months, and I was wondering...

What makes Shenzhen so special and what can I do there?

I have read that some people say that Shenzhen is the most beautiful city of China while others say it's the trashcan of Hong Kong ( no offense though ) I am really curious about the up - and downs of this city.


Please enlight me people!



Trashcan of Hong Kong.

It's just stupid people thinking shenzhen is trashcan of Hong Kong, it's a beautiful city


Sad, but true that if you stand behind a much more develop city, you has to role as their trashcan.


There are not too much original cultures in Shenzhen, but it's one of the most attractive place that Chinese young people prefer to pursue their dream.



ShenZhen is the nice city. just come and feel it.

i live in ShenZhen now,i think the air here is good,and there are many beautiful places,but it is very crowd here,whenever you go,such as take the bus ,by will meet a lot of people,ShenZhen is near HongKong,you  can go to Hong Kong whenever you want.

On the whole,i think ShenZhen is a very good city.welcome.

I am also in shenzhen, I like the weather here, this is not the most beautiful place in China

I can see that the thoughts about Shenzhen differ a lot.

For me it must be so much different, especially because of the size!


I mean, probably you guys all know Amsterdam, but when I tell you that it has less than 1 million inhabitants, you most likely be shocked, haha.

Therefore I bet a city such as Shenzhen must have a lot to offer because it's really big if I compare it to cities here in the Netherlands. And seriously I am really looking forward to go to Shenzhen!

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