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smile :) your most rememorable smiling experience

Tell me your most rememorable experience with smiles.  When did you smile so intensely that people wondered what's wrong with you... or when did you smile even without being aware of it?  Just tell me sth....:)



the mood,when u r have a good mood,you will smile natural;

enjoy or happy


Hii Autarkia,how are you :) 

Concerning the most rememorable smiling experience:so when i was a child we used to go on holiday every year.It was a seaside city,and there was a fairground Kinda place with all kinds of amusements and slot machines and things like that.And we went along with our pocket money and there was a machine where you put some money in and if it landed in the right place you won a prize.

And I was sure I'd dropped my money in the right place, but i didn't win a prize and i was very upset and furious.So i hit the machine to try to make sure that i won a prize, but the alarm went off and when the alarm went off the manager came out of his office so i ran away with my brother and we ran all the way back to where we were staying.... and i was absolutely terrified.... and when we got back my brother told me that the police were going to come and arrest me and for about theree days afterwards,right until the end of the holiday, I didn't dare go out or go to the beach or anything,'cause every time I saw a policeman i thought i was going to be arrested and maybe sent to prison which didn't happen actually.So you should never believe anything your brother tells you basically! hahahaha ,is it funny Autarkia? ;) I have lived funny and amazing situations really hhhh 

Hi Autarika


Just to let you know that there isn't a word rememorable. The word should be memorable.


And my most memorable experience is watching my kids grow up being happy kids (most of the time :))

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