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HSK Books or Songs

Do you guys know of any resources suitable for New HSK 4 (B2) or lower?


The reason I tend not to read Chinese books or learn Chinese songs is because I need to learn too many words. I don't mind learning some new words, but would like to find some material which is more for practising than learning.


Preferably the book could be found online, in simplified Chinese so that I can easily check meanings. If it's a song, I can find the lyrics myself. I don't even care if it is good or not.






FluentU has graded videos with transcriptions and definition pop-ups:


Some books are mentioned here:

Hi~I'm Gina from China.I'd like to give you some advice on learning Chinese.Your level is HSK Band 2,isn't it?I guess your speaking is better than writing.I would suggest you listening some slow song such as 故乡的云,月亮代表我的心,甜蜜蜜


Chinese breeze series is really good. Limited number of characters represented in each book, from 300 - 700 ++

I know a book named The world of Chinese《汉语世界》.You can have a look.

Chinese is a very difficult language,i think do had better contant with some Chinese who want to talk with you and teach you,i think it is hard for you to study by yourself.i saw the HSK test paper, i think you also need to know the Chinese cuture,not olny just learn from the book.

I'm not sure if you know about it already, but something that might help is a website called It has a lot of resources to help you study Chinese, and many other languages too!

 i think english is too difficult ,but i don't think chinese is difficult ,

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