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A question To japanese people

have watched a video about a american woman that got married with a Japanese guy! But these made many comment wich I found a little racist to be honest! a Japanese person was saying (How's that possible?)

Then I said...Why do you think that is not possible! ?It doesn't matter where you from! if 2 people like each other (man and woman) there will be a mixed race.

But there are many video about racism in Japan! I'm kind scared now! am I going to face racism in Japan!? I also heard that is not kind normal Brazilians in Japan! Well I might be wrong because those one that said to me was English People.

Is there any problem with racism in there?



Hi, I'm not a Japanese, But I think, Japanese also thinks that in other country specially in USA or Europe , there's also a racism  to their kinds (ASIAN) so don't you ever blamed someone who are Japanese, because it is also well known to them that they're not accepted to the other society...


Japanese are friendly and polite, it's just that most of them are not treated well in the other country.


Thank you :)

Yes of course In every place there are Bad people ! Everyone could answer me that calmly please!

I didn't blame no ONE I'm just asking...However I saw some people talking about racism in Japan!

By the way I get angry really easy with racism! For example,a chinese person went to my church weeks ago! And they were being rude! in a racist way...Because of that! I made a really big argumment with everyone in my church 


Watch a movie called this England first, before you say that there's rasicsm in other countries especially Japan.

I experienced plenty of this kind of attitude when I lived in Japan. It's not always subtle either. It can be very obvious and some people make little or no attempt to disguise it. This is not a judgment, just an observation.

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