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Would you like to win money freely ?

Winning money is it cheating ?


Would you think that it's a luck and avail entirely ?


Do you need to work to like this money ?


Is it a castration for you to win money ?



T'as rien compris et tu sembles fou.


Gambling= Legal form of scamming.

Scamming= Obtaining money freely at the expense of others while being completely sociopathic at the same time. (ex: You don't care that you lied about "being in love" with the person. You just want the money so make up a fake sob story to convince them to send it to you. The scum of this earth: Romance Scammers.)

Earn your money legitimately and it will be well deserved.  Although it can be fun to win in a contest because anybody can win.

I do not have the gut to be a proffesional gambler and I am not competent to be a forever winner either .  I am not good at scamming as Søren said gambling is a legal form of scamming.

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