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Would you like to win money freely ?

Winning money is it cheating ?


Would you think that it's a luck and avail entirely ?


Do you need to work to like this money ?


Is it a castration for you to win money ?



La base du comptage des cartes au black jack est de suivre les cartes distribuées, afin d’adapter votre mise au sabot en cours : un sabot qui contient beaucoup de cartes fortes est avantageux pour le joueur.   Il est légal de compter les cartes au blackjack.  Un voyage à Vegas est un plaisir pour tous.

Compter les cartes au blackjack - Il n'obtient pas mieux que cela.

T'as rien compris et tu sembles fou.

Sorry, Arthur.  I didn't understand what you were trying to ask.  I had presumed that you were asking questions about gambling.  Is winning money cheating?.  Of course, winning money at gambling is not cheating if you don't cheat.  There are many places in the United States where gambling is legal.   (Can you appreciate money that you win at gambling) or "do you need to work" to (appreciate money).  Yes, it's fun to win money at gambling.  This money has the same value as money which you have earned from hard work.  Your second question "Would you think that it's a luck and avail entirely" makes no sense to me.  And your last question "Is it a castration for you to win money?" makes no sense to me.  If you were to write these questions in your native French language, then perhaps somebody or I could interpret these questions into English for you. 


Gambling= Legal form of scamming.

Scamming= Obtaining money freely at the expense of others while being completely sociopathic at the same time. (ex: You don't care that you lied about "being in love" with the person. You just want the money so make up a fake sob story to convince them to send it to you. The scum of this earth: Romance Scammers.)

Earn your money legitimately and it will be well deserved.  Although it can be fun to win in a contest because anybody can win.

I do not have the gut to be a proffesional gambler and I am not competent to be a forever winner either .  I am not good at scamming as Søren said gambling is a legal form of scamming.

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