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i can't send messAGES why? i need of your help

i can't send message but i have a good internet connection ,and the problem is for alls and not for an only person please could you help me ?:(



I also can not send messages today  :(

I can´t send messages too. :(

This website has serious connection issues. First chat was gone, and now we can not send messages. Italki is awful. What a shame !!!

I agree with you Jefftcho, Italki is a excellent site, when it's working well.

yes last night I can't send messages too, but it's ok now =))

today is all ok and for you?can you send messages?

Yes =))


I had the same problem, but it's ok now.

Today the inbox is working very well, but we are needing the chat, aren't we?

You probably reached the limit :P

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