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what do you think?

today martin luther king delivered one of the most famous speeches "i have a dream", do you think that american people and all human beings in general can eliminate racism??



One way to reduce it is to stop talking about it but I guess we can make an exception. :)


I think there will always be some racism as long as there is hate in the world.


Hopefully as cities get more multi-cultural and people with different ethnicities reproduce, race will be less of a big deal. Other than that, we might need to wait for an alien invasion before we all come together.

Everybody should understand that skin color only matters for protection against sunburns.  We are all the same race which is the human race.  ...  :D


Eliminate - no. Sorting and discriminating is part of human nature, and noticing that another person does not look like you is automatic, and emotional reactions to that observation are also automatic.


Greatly reduce - yes. Lyndon Johnson's commission on the study of race relations in the mid-60s recommended COMPLETE rapid elimination of all laws pertaining to segregation, including laws having to do with inter-racial marriage. Johnson, being a southern boy (Texan), mostly ignored these recommendations. I remember several years ago, when my son had just broken up with a girlfriend, I asked why he didn't ask out a smart, funny beautiful friend of his. He turned to me and said, "But Dad, she's BLACK!" I wondered where that had come from. If I had been 25 years younger, I would have hit on her. I think the greatest fear that white men have is that black men will come and take their women. 


Anyway, we are starting to see many more mixed-race children here in the US, and after 50 years it has gotten a little better. But I think some will always exist in all cultures, as long as there are stupid people.

There will always be racism. No one can change that, it is part of human nature. Everyone has friends and enemies. There is some truth to sterotypes in all ethnicities. I believe mixed children are more complex and super racist compared to people who are pure as a whole.

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