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Living in Australian big cities - comparison ( including non Australian residents)

I want to know more information about living in Australian big cities , please compare among Perth, Melbourne , Adelaide, Brisbane , and Sydney in different scopes , like climate, housing condition , the cost of daily life , MRT system , population , culture , Or any other points of view you want to share .


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i can't help you sorry 

but i'm sure that you can find what you want in wikipedia ^^

I prefer to hold more personal sentimental rather than blunt and straitlaced statistics in wikipedia .

OK, let me have a go.
In summary, Australian cities are small compared with those of China. All the cities you mention are on the coast, very close to the sea. Sydney is the oldest, being the original point of European colonisation. It is also the largest, and has iconic landmarks like the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. It has the most expensive real estate. Melbourne is very livable and beautiful, with great parks and green open places. Brisbane is sub-tropical, very hot and humid, and has some great beaches nearby. Adelaide and Perth are considerably smaller and more remote, while each having their own unique character.
"Big" is a relative term. Compared with Shanghai for instance, Australian cities are tiny. Also, my home city, the place I was born, is Melbourne. So I declare that I am biased. Melbourne people ("Melbournites") always praise up Melbourne versus Sydney ("Sydney-siders"). Sydney people will always tell you that Sydney is the best place to live in Australia, and that all other cities, especially Melbourne, are insignificant. But Melbourne is clearly the best!

If you are interested in reading a more detailed discussion, see my essay here:

I could not post everything I wrote, since these comments are very limited in size.  So see the link at the bottom my previous comment for my full story.

I'll briefly describe the places where I've lived.


I was born in Sydney and lived there until I was five. I've stayed with my grandparents in Sydney for a few weeks every year since.

I lived on the Gold Coast until I was eighteen, and I consider that to be my hometown.

Brisbane and the Gold Coast are extremely close, so much so that lots of my friends live on the Gold Coast and study in Brisbane. My sister works in Surface Paradise (the city centre of the Gold Coast) and her boyfriend works at various places in northern Brisbane, yet they live together.

I'm now studying in Canberra. 


In terms of culture, there's not much difference between the Gold Coast and Sydney. Most Australians have only been here for a few generations, so you're not going to find many regional traditions, if at all. Unlike the others, Canberra is a student/government town. Most people only come to Canberra to study at the Australian National University (ANU), which is widely considered the best university in Australia (although people from Melbourne often say Monash University is better).


Sydney and Canberra are very south and get freezing in winter. They never snow, but they're cold enough that you'll be extremely uncomfortable. Brisbane rarely gets so cold, but it never gets very hot either. In winter Brisbane is much warmer than Canberra and Sydney, but in summer it's normally the same temperature (usually only a few degrees warmer). According to Wikipedia, the average temperature in January is 25°C and the average highest temperature in January is 29°C. I've never lived in Melbourne, although it's well known for its heat fluctations. In summer, Melbourne is often warmer than Brisbane, despite being much further south. In summer, the weather is normally sunny during the day but rains at night.

Note that Brisbane has much longer daylight hours than the other cities, because it's further north.
Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are all typical big cities. Brisbane and the Gold Coast are much smaller than Sydney. Canberra is really just a small town famous for having the government and ANU. Canberra is in general a boring place, but if you like greenery and wildlife you'll love it. It's surrounded by bush and has a lot of wild animals. At night, you'll see kangaroos jumping around the suburbs. Before coming to Canberra, I had only seen kangaroos while camping, so it was a huge surprise to me.

Thanks for your concise reply . Few months ago , I and my family traveled to Brisbane to experience Australian life . During that journey , we selected private accommodation to reside instead of commercial hotels . I found some price of real estate were under intensive foreign fund hype . One of my friends living in Australia told me that the price of real estate was rising gradually in recent years . Meanwhile , I watched the election debate between 2 party leaders (Tony and Kevin) on ABC channel  . One guest from gallery proposed a trenchant question inquiring both political men . She inquired  if they know there were some foreign investing fund trying to hype Australian lands and houses . When she found both politicians did not pay too much attention on this problem . She stressed it stringently again on this issue and asked them 2-3 TIMES "DO YOU KNOW THAT !" . I really hope Australian politicians can pay more concentration on such damaging issue which is very possible to destroy Australian economy and most vulnerable civilians .  It is very an unfair commercial game by hype of real estate although I am not an Australian national. You should ban such speculation by enacting more effective legislation .


Australia is a beautiful land , and I do not want it to be contaminated .

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