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how much about the house in your Country and your city?

as all know,the house is very expensive in Chinese,i live in ShenZhen city,we should spend about 2 million for a house,many people do not have house in the city China,how about your Country,and how about the city you live?

thanks for your sharing.



I am an office staff in Hochiminh City, in Viet Nam. A house in this city still is in my dream.When I was a student at university I hired a small room and shared it with 2 others. Its too small and tight but cheap, so I still lived there in spite of being uncomfortable untill I graduated. Now I hired a new room larger and more convinient than the old one. You know its also more expensive. I have new problem to worry about. I must pay double fee and I have to walk further to catch the bus.I hope I can buy a house for myself in near future

maybe many peoples' dream is to have a house,we should make more money in the work.House prices kidnapped our freedom


Hi Ella, I am actually in your coutry right now and am very curious to hear people's opinions about the housing markets. 

Puppy, I was in your country last year and it too was very interesting to see the changes in Vietnam.

Where I am from (Canada) many people can't afford to buy a house either, but they still do anyways and spend the rest of their life paying it off. It's something that every human desires (or most), a roof over their head, but it's slowly becoming more like a dream then a reality for many. 

What do you do though? For myself, I will probably rent the rest of my life...I have done the math and it seems like the best option.

i think you are right,but in China if you do not have a house maybe cause many problems,such as the boy is hard to find a grilfriend.many girls want to marry a boy who have a house,what is more,you do not have the household register in the city you live,and it will cause that your child can not study in the good,although it is difficult for us,but we want to buy a house.

You can already buy an average home for $28000. If it is hard for you to buy a home in cash you can do rent to own.. You will just pay a downpayment of $2325 and just pay a monthly bill and after 10-20 years (depends how mch you pay monthly) it will be totally yours 

It might sound cheap but for us its expensive because normal employee has a salary of $232 only per month. People usually do rent to own but others prefer only renting because for example you are paying the house for 6 years already and after 6 years you can't pay anymore they will confiscate your house but your downpayment and the money you pay for 6 years will not be back to you. For me I would like to have my own house, renting cost much.. The payment for renting is almost half of a normal employee salary. If you have your own house and not paying any rent every month then you can use that money for other things.

Greetings from Bulgaria. Houses here are not expensive for foreigners but for normal bulgarian people they cost an arm and leg. For example you can buy a house for 50000-75000 euros but an average salary in Bulgaria is only around  200-300 euros per month. If you buy a house with bank loan you will have to pay every month 250 euros for next 20-25 years. 

I live in the South-Eastern area in the United States. Houses have a large range in prices, but an average 3-person suburban house is about $200,000 (1224000 Chinese Yuan). When you say '2 million' I assume you mean 2 million yuan, which is still very expensive, especially considering the average person's pay in China. 


Many people in America can't afford the houses they go to buy, so they pay off loans for decades. Even when our country is in an economic crisis, people still spend way too much on cars, houses, boats and other things because they are chasing 'The American Dream'. 


I don't see why how China can proceed to make so many outrageously expensive houses and condos with nobody able to rent them. I remember watching a video on entire cities without people because it was too expensive to live there, yet the building continues. 


Heres a video about the 'Ghost City' Zheng Zhou:

ayad - Philippine houses cost 31279171.15 IQD... is it really cheap?

Here in Peru, the price of a house and apartment have been increasing through the years, and depends of the area, one house it's from 200,000 and go on.

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