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Do you believe in online Friendship?

Will you tell him or her everything in your real life?

Or do you even believe in Love through internet...?



 Don't fully believe !But there are a lot of people on the Internet to find the true friendship and love

yes,i believe the love through the internet,i think love is true or not depend  on the people themselevs and not how they fall in of my friend fall love with her boyfriend through the internet,they are very can meet the good people and bad people through the internet as well as in the real world,i think the best way to protect yourself is you should know the people before you decide if you want to make friend with him or her.

Yes i believe. for true friendship these poeple are very less.




  I believe that one can feel a great deal of love for people who are met on the Internet.


  Granted that any person exhibits qualities that are attractive,  love can arise with great frequency and is in fact,  a  normative occurrance.


    However,  it is important  that one maintain a  practical approach to such occurrances.

Simply because one feels  love for another,  it is not always justification for taking drastic actions

to rearrange one's life.   Love between human beings  is not any more unusual that say, 

seeing a movie that one likes very much or which moves one emotionally.


 Emotions  and feelings need to be understood for what they are.

The more people I have spoken with over the Internet, the more I understand that the chances of finding people that I "love"   increases greatly.


  Often, the strongest feelings occur  when a  student has a friend, and they recommend that their friend   study with me.  It sometimes turns out that the new acquaintance  is a person still more admirable than the original student.


  Still, no matter the feelings,  the practice of Language continues.

When one really cares for someone, it is important to be focused on accomplishing the task of practicing,  instead of   falling entirely into a pattern  of  discussing feelings.



Yes I believe, crazy things can be happen

Well I have an online friend for more than 2 years. I saw him once and will be seeing him again next month.. He almost know my life and environment therefore I believe online friendship.. However, for love.. hmm I don't know I am not sure.. I never had an experience but I am aware that it could be possible but I guess it would be hard.

I believe, and i really have some good online friends for many years, we never meet each other in real life, but they helped me a lot, and we can talk about anything

if you believe in something, it might come true :) But my experience was unhappy.

Yes, I believe,I only have one good friend on the internet, I tell her my everything. But I dont believe in love.

Yes of course one can be good friend. I don't know about love but I have heard a lot about people in love through any social networking sites and then getting married.


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