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Do you like football?

To me yes. My favorite team is Real Madrid, in my opinion they are the best team of Spain. I still rememeber when I was a child and I watched them by TV, it was so excite for me. I thought I would be a Profesional Football Player when I was older but today that is no so, jaja.

My favorite player has been Zinedine Zidane due to He had a great talent, nowadays I think Andrés Iniesta is the best, I believe they are very similar.

I would like know Which is your favorite team and player?




raul is my hero

messi is the best. fotball is great both to play and watch.

yeah  who does not ?  :))

I love to play and watch soccer! I've many favorite teams. For example,


*México's League ---> Club América

*France's League ---> Ajaccio (I love it, 'cause the goalkeeper played is from Mexico and he played for my favorite mexican team) et Marselle.

*Premier League ---> Manches United

*Germany's League --> Bayern

*Spain League ------> Real Madrid.

*Italy ---> Milan, Juventus and Napoli

*Brazil ---> Corinthians.

My favorite player is CR7, but I think Zidane will be in my heart forever. I just remember when he was playing for Real! Those days were just amazing! 


I have recently been watching a lot of futbol lately, and I really like the sport. My favorite team is Borussia Dortmund because they were playing in the first big futbol game I had ever watched. I have been playing a lot lately at the university and there was never a time when I didn't enjoy myself.

Yeah, I love it since I'm a children. My favourite team is Olympique Lyonnais, or you can say OL too for point it.
It's a pity that no many foreigners follow the team... 

Boca Juniors!!


bayern Munchin, rebeiry is number one. 

i don´t like football, i love it. my favourite team is REAL MADRID, since i have memory. i started play football 20 years ago and now i´ve 24. people says that football is a game for boys, but they´re wrong. i love this sport more than boys. when i was young i play football always with REAL MADRID´s t-shirt. And the first remember that i have is a goal by mcmananam, i love the number 8 by he.

But now my favourite player is CRISTIANO RONALDO, he´s amazing, can introduce goals in the all parts in the field, and in the all ways. And he can keep running all the time

I'm Brazilian, but i do not think Neymar is the best. Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi, Iniesta are better than him.

i agree with you in parts, because i guess that Zidane is fenomenal, one of the best in history, but i'm big fan of Ronaldinho Gaucho and Ronaldo Fenomeno, i guess that are they best

My Favourite team is Flamengo, a team here from Brasil, but i'm big fan of the Chelsea from England.

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