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Do you like football?

To me yes. My favorite team is Real Madrid, in my opinion they are the best team of Spain. I still rememeber when I was a child and I watched them by TV, it was so excite for me. I thought I would be a Profesional Football Player when I was older but today that is no so, jaja.

My favorite player has been Zinedine Zidane due to He had a great talent, nowadays I think Andrés Iniesta is the best, I believe they are very similar.

I would like know Which is your favorite team and player?




raul is my hero

messi is the best. fotball is great both to play and watch.

yeah  who does not ?  :))

I love to play and watch soccer! I've many favorite teams. For example,


*México's League ---> Club América

*France's League ---> Ajaccio (I love it, 'cause the goalkeeper played is from Mexico and he played for my favorite mexican team) et Marselle.

*Premier League ---> Manches United

*Germany's League --> Bayern

*Spain League ------> Real Madrid.

*Italy ---> Milan, Juventus and Napoli

*Brazil ---> Corinthians.

My favorite player is CR7, but I think Zidane will be in my heart forever. I just remember when he was playing for Real! Those days were just amazing! 

I'm not a girl so I don't like football ;)

It's the only sport where men permit themselves to become gay. They drool on the footballers while watching tv, they become drunk and they eat cold pizzas, and they hug others men whereas they are often machos. Get out playing a real sport instead of that !

I have recently been watching a lot of futbol lately, and I really like the sport. My favorite team is Borussia Dortmund because they were playing in the first big futbol game I had ever watched. I have been playing a lot lately at the university and there was never a time when I didn't enjoy myself.

Yeah, I love it since I'm a children. My favourite team is Olympique Lyonnais, or you can say OL too for point it.
It's a pity that no many foreigners follow the team... 

Boca Juniors!!


bayern Munchin, rebeiry is number one. 

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