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"Love like a shadow flies when substance love pursues; Pursuing that that flies, and flying what pursues"

In russian: Любовь бежит от тех, кто гонится за нею, а тем, кто прочь бежит, кидается на шею. Is it correct translate? Do you agree with this phrase? 

I think I might follow this advise... maybe then I'll get love from some1.



Dear Alexandra,

Thanks for that phrase, I have no knowledge of Russian, but it seems to make sense in English :). But I think 'love' canot be caught following any one advice.. It is not only about meeting the right person, but also about having a lot of time with the person... In short you have to PRODUCE love also. And when you feel, there is always something left to tel the other person, and you feel like meeting him again and again then you can say you are in 'Love'.

That way love works like language!  ;)

Words also cannot express all we want to express with them. Thats why we must keep using words, and using language... Just think.. if words could express everything, we would have gone silent after a few days... :)
Best of luck!

The English version is, of course, from Shakespeare.  I see on Google that the Russian translation you propose is one which is often used to translate the original into Russian.  The English version is exquisite.  The Russian version conveys the same idea; but I'll leave it up to Russian speakers to say whether the Russian equivalent sounds beautiful to them.


I'm not wise enough to give advice on anything as important as love.  But I hope you will find your heart's dream.



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