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Share your experiences about learning Chinese


1. How did you started to learn Chinese? Self teaching or taking courses?

2. What's your biggest problem while learning Chinese?

3. What kind of help do you desperately need in learning Chinese?

4. In which ways do you improve your Chinese abilities on speaking, writing or reading?

5. Anyone who wants to share his/her experiences can disscuss these questions either in English or Chinese.




你好啊! 我就開始學中文因為我的阿姨建議我去學。 我在一所東方語言中心學中文。 看中文字和寫字對我沒有很多問題, 可是我常常覺得中文發音難得不得了。 文法也是很難, 中文的語法跟西文的真都不一樣。

在我學習的語言中心老師都是台灣人,所以我們都學了正體字。  我們也沒有學拼音,我們學了ㄅㄆㄇㄈ的系統。  這個系統我覺得比較好, 我的中文說得不好,可是我認識很多會用拼音的學生不會說得跟我中心學生那麼清楚。



1. I am studying by myself. 

2. I am in the beginning of my adventure with Chinese, my main problem is that you have to learn reading and writing separately than speaking and listening.

3. It would be great to check if my pronounciation is correct and understable and help in writing if I write the signs correctly.

4. I learn from Assimil workbook with audio, watch Grasp Chinese and Growing up with Chinese and Remembering Simplified Hanzi for writing. But I consider to buy an onlince course.

5. Unfortunately I can't do this in chinese yet (I hope some time this moment will come)


Great topic I will red the next posts with pleasure.


If you're at the beginning keep on practice!! practice is the key.. specially in chinese!!  Don't worry if in your first conversations people don't understand you or just understand very few things, all of us passed for it, My first talking with a native chinese was horrible, he didn't understand anything!!! with the time, I was able to talk with native people,, and woh! they understood everything I say!

I suggest you if you're going to pay for an online course, It would be more helpful if you look at for a teacher, it's better to have somebody close to you that can check your pronountiation,

don't forget to pay attention to the tones!


Thank you for the support! It's really important.


I know that teacher is better but this online course is cheap so it's not a problem and I think it will cost me the same price that 2 or 3 meetings/sessions with a teacher. When it comes to teacher I am going to find someone here, too but I think I will practice by myself in the beginning and if I have some problems or doubts I will take some lessons. Maybe I will find someone for language exchange but in th future because now my Chinese is not good enough ;)


Magda, 很高兴认识你!Hen3 gao1xing4 ren4shi ni3! Nice to meet you!


Thank you for taking part in this discussion and the information you offered is very helpful because I wanna know more about what Chinese learners need, and this will make me a better tutor here.


By the way, if you have any problem or you wanna practice Chinese listenning and speaking, feel free to contact me!



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