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Hello Everyone can you please write down some of the expected manners from we youngsters.


It can be anything from our day to day life.


Just comment I think our generation need to know.






My personal opinion on this would be for the younger generation to take one step back and look at how this country (USA) is falling into obllivion. Realize that we are the future, and the change must start with us. Also to be more optimistic, ask more qestions. Put the technology ( phones, computers, ipods) down for a bit and converse with one another, learn from our elders and share ideas.



P.S. Also open doors for one another hahahah.

Discipline!!! Young people need it, look arrownd!! They don't respect themselves or others, for example all this stupid things they post on FB (pictures almos naked, rud comments). I guess this silly way of think "leave the kids do whatever the want otherwise the may have traumas" is the worst thing that happend for human history. 


My parents tought me respect, for myself, for my family, for teachers and every single person, animal or plants who's arround me, thanks to that many people like me at work, friends, neightbors etc. 

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