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Make Friends and be language partners

Hello , everyone , I am a Chinese girl who is now in college . And I want to talk with someone in English , would you like to be my language partners ?



Hello I'm Sarah and I'm college student too^^ I study English if you like to practice english with me please let me know ,Thank you.

Hello to Sarah and Hi to Hello(That's her name)

I am also searching someone with whom I can practice my spoken English.


I can chat with you guys. My skype ID: zamirsaar

How to find a good language partner ? If you can identify my idea , hope we can be language partners

thanks for replying to my questions , guys. By the way , do u have QQ ?Which is the most commonly used communicative tool in China , hope we can chat with each other much more freely and conveniently on that platform.

yes i have (2334851065)

hello im Sonia from Hong Kong. i want somebody to be my language partner too! Hope to be friend with you! :)

hey , guys , my QQ is 2442742024 , if you want to talk with me , add it 

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