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It is very nice when we have good friend because we can tell him our secrets,share our feelings.When we sad real friend make that we feel better...but is not so easily to find real friend.

Common sense

Friendship means a lot.But everyone has a different opinion on it .I want to say my opinion. i think friendship has a great meaning ,it is not restricted on being beside your friend at hard times as some people think coz life is not always hard times ,and if you think by this way,you don't have to talk to your friends waiting for a disaster to happen so you can talk to them.

I think friendship is to care for your friends ,
to make them feel that you are always beside them at any time and that you love them a lot.
Friends must know everything about eachothers.It is very hard to know news about your friend from outside.
Friends always ask about eachothers and is known by eachothers.
Friends must understand eachothers well,so they can deal with eachothers without hurting thier feelings.
A friend must understand if his friend is upset from him without talking.

At last,I don't say that my opinion is the right one.I just wanted my friends to know my opinion and want anyone to comment.

Hi.... when u ask this question so. What did u think about friendship?  When u say that what do u think about friendship ?  I think its correct. ...thanks :)

Thank u All 

and thanks for note 

friendship is a bond between 2 persons accept each other whatever they are.. trust, respect, and dedication makes friendship deeper and deeper... there is a tester which explain you about friendship that is " close your eyes and feel what your heart says.. you get what you want !! :)

Friendship could shift if your environment or thinking changed .


Friends are extremely influential in your life and have a significant impact on your life.  They are there for you when your parents can't be. (or whatever your circumstances are.) Just be sure to respect them and treat the exact same way you would like to be treated.


Make sure your friends are "real" friends who are going to be there for you, even when you hit rock bottom.  Many people find this out when their so-called friend suddenly vanishes when you need them most.

Your real friends if they never leave you in any condition even the worst one. 

Feeling comfortable and chating all the things without thinking with each other. Its a real friendship^^

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