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How do you actually communicate with your language partner?


I was wondering how people actually communicate with their language partners to benefit both sides? 

Do you divide your conversation in two parts (one language, then the other)?

Mix it together?

Do you prefer talking or writing?

Please, share your ideas :0)



Sometimes i use both, i speak first in one language and then in another

Hi elena

I don't have yet a language partner but it's a really good question.

In my opinion the commnuicators should choose a simple and an easy subject,

then they make a plan with few axes to discuss( everyone with its own native language).

Finally the first who begins talking should use writing to be more explicit.

I just want to add that to be successful in this task : the subject must be interesting, some of patience and don't forget to have fun during communication.



I communicate with them writing and sometimes talking (for me it's difficult the listening). We combine the languages: I speak (or try to speak) in English and the another speaks Spanish.

Hola Elena,


The best way is divide the convesation. For example, with my languague partner ,we do questions in our native languagues, and afterwards we answer those questions in languague we are learning, corrections are at the beginning of our converstaion . On skype, we speak in both languagues (30 min by languague).




I split the time half and half with my language partners: 30 minutes in one language, and then 30 minutes in the other. It's all spoken communication, although the native speaker will type out new words for the other person in the chat box. That makes it easier to go back later and review new vocabulary.


While some people like to have each person speaking in their target language, I think that it`s important to both speak and to listen in your target language. That's why I prefer the cut-the-time-down-the-middle approach.

I used to select the language partners who want to learn the same language as me .I would try to communicate with my voice at first , but rather , I will need typing to assist me to understand what my partners are going to express if I cannot fully understand . If I want to exchange my language , I would split time into halves to the lesson .

I haven't experenced chatting with my language partners .But in my oppinion ,divede the conversations into parts and communicate with your own mother language should be a better way .

I never treated my language partners solely as partners but more as my friends who I could talk about anything. Learning language will be more effectively working if we take that as the one we love and not something we must master in certain limited time. If we do so, sooner or later, we will give up on learning. For grammar of the language you learn, you should try to master by yourself for a while by studying from electronic or manual books even dictionary then you can start to speak simple phrases to your friends then asked them to check and vice versa. You can do it both written through typing and spoken through voice or video camera. Next, choose one of any topics that you want to discuss or just easy talk. Doing that will maintenance your communication everyday so you will never leave any of you as friends and finally abandon your intention to learn language.



I think its a good idea to split the conversation 50/50 like Stephanie mentioned. That way both parties have the opportunity to practice. It's usually a good idea to something you would like to discuss prior to the session so that way the conversation can flow. Ask for clarification when you don't understand and then try to explain what the word means if possible. Then obviously type new words in the chat box that you had in your conversation. It should mainly focus on communication and listening skills.


I have done sessions with learners of English but I have yet to practise the languages I'm learning though. Mainly because they speak a language I'm not learning or not focusing on at the moment.

It really depends on how any languages are being practiced, and how much time is available

 Personally I like having at least 30 minutes in one language


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