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What does snow tastes like?

I in live Philippines which is a tropical country. Most people who visited our place always says our country is HOT.


I didn't touch, saw or smell snow in my entire life. Could someone tell me how does it tastes like? Smells like? or sounds like?



*I live in (typo)

Juan Jose, 

 I live in Buffalo, New York. We can get up to 3-4 feet of snow per storm (that is the size of a younger child). Snow is water so there is no taste but when you grab a handfull of snow and take a bite out of it, there is this cold refreshing feel. If you can throw ice into a blender and crush it up then try it. That is about the closest you'll come to knowing what snow tastes like besides having the real thing. I hope this helps.



maybe it taste like halo2 without the fruits, beans, jelly and milk in it hehe..

Just make sure whatever you do, DO NOT eat yellow snow! 

Snow you ask? You might want to watch this


I heard on the news that it snowed in Philippines for the first time....but it claims to be a fake video. If it did happen then its the end of the world.


Another issue anout snow drinking .


I heard if you got lost in the snow for a while and getting colder and colder , you cannot take too much snow to drink as it will intensify your body temperature colder . The loss of your body temperature could kill you even you are not thirsty to death.

Thanks for the comment guys.


@Kamal There is a city here that we called Baguio City which is the coldest part of the country. I don't know if that video is true but there is a time they experience very low temperature and the water in the plants turn to ice. Sometimes it rains ice there too.  

i love snow

the tast of that is like water freezing



kamal for sure the wind brought some snow from taiwan specially in the northern part in the Philippines.. but there wil be no snow in Philippines ever because we are in equator.. If that happens I will really say that global warming is getting worst

Trust me you don't ever want snow in Philippines. You will see snow if you come to America you would have to shovel your own driveway and sidewalk. I had my fair share of snow days, I'm sick and tired of it.

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