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What's the most frustrating thing in learning Chinese?




It's okay to discuss this topic either in English or Chinese. 用中文或者英文讨论这个问题都可以。





我看英文新闻的时候也不是全都能明白,I think more practice and vocabulary expanding will help.

     你能帮我介绍朋友,帮我学习英语吗?   ?

I guess why you cannot comprehend a complete sentence is derived from vocabulary and its collocation  . Before full comprehension , you need to master the majority of words in the sentence and collocation between words . It takes great effort to fit . It also takes you practice over and over again .

I've been a year learn Chinese in my school.. In my school, we were required to learn two foreign languages subjects such us English and Chinese... And, I think the most frustrating thing when Chinese subject happened is writing "Hanzi"... I really really can't do it.. It was so difficult and we need accuracy to write down it on my paper.

Learning to write qualified Chinese characters is a tough task as far as my experience goes . To be patient is the first priority . Scripture is not so easy to write for most alphabet writing foreigners  . There is a huge gap between Chinese characters and foreign letters.  However, Chinese characters carry some regulation . They are combined with several main elements which you need to master . You can write well instantly you know the rule of Chinese characters .

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