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Learning Hindi Script

Namaste, I want to learn Hindi script. What is the best way to learn it? Dhannewal



In my opinion you have to learn Hindi alphabets after that try to read Hindi news on internet. You may refer BBC Hindi.


Nacir, I'm trying to learn the same script in order to start writing in Sanskrit. You need a special calligraphy pen with the correct angle at 22 degrees and I found only place to buy it here in the States through the internet. If you find any real good resources on practicing the writing would you please post them or send them to me? 



Thank you Anita for that link! I'll spend some time with it this weekend. 

Hi Dorothy,

I found this site with work sheets for different letters.

Wow! Thank you Nacir. I'm definitely going to use that. It's wonderful to have the outline to use like that. :D


I used "Teach Yourself Hindi" by Rupert Snell. 

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