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Fall in Love

If you fall in love the person living in other country, what would you do?



If you mean the Online love, i would visit the Madhouse :D

That arent bad feelings at least)) but the question what have i do - little puzzles me..) I think it`s difficult to decide what you should do in this situation)

ı dont want to love someone living in other country. it be so difficult. how about you? what would you do?

...the decision is for sure not simple, but if you really love a person who came for another country, you have to find a solution to stay with this person...

may god help you  :)


i will try my best way which make me near to her

I will packing my laggage :)))

i have the same story now.We are saved by Skype and short-lived trips, but you need to have a really strong feeling that this withstand.

forget him and u can start over by loving another person who live in ur country . sure it is hard but worth it later .

I think it depends u know, my sister married a guy who lived like 3.000 km away and they're still together. I guess what is going to define how this 'love' (I wouldn't say exactly love because I believe it is not that simple, most of the times it is confused with mere passion) has a future or not is how these two people strive to get together and to make it work  and maybe to have something strong enough to win the distance, otherwise it is just an illusion, fantasy or whatever u call it

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