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Russian Thought

As Russian, could you tell me what you as Russian thought these days? Any thought you might pass in your mind as Russian? I really want to know.




Not sure what you are asking.

Hi, Yulia. Can't understand what you mean. I've honestly read your question twice. But it didn't help :) Could you please be more specific?

Well, Russian thought here meant any thought you could ever think that sometimes or often pass in your mind as Russian. For example: 

What will be Russian's economy in further years if you see the fact recently happen nowadays comparing with your expectation as Russian citizen or solely as Russian in person.

or other thought that kept in your mind as Russian often. It could be from light to tough ones. I really wanna know.




It' s a very funny question. Every person has its own thoughts. A Russian villager having no TV thinks only about his vegetables and animals. My granny has a lot of frightening thoughts about car crashes or thieves or illnesses (which really annoys me), and she also thinks about our family a lot.

I think about a great number of things, from my own life to global things.

If you want to know my thoughts about Russia I can tell you that recently I've learnt about our previous external trade that we exported things from hemp such as ropes and sails. Great Britain bought 90 % of hemp ropes from Russian in 18th-19th centuries because hemp material is stronger than flax. Paper was made from hemp, for example the first American dollars. But in 20th century some foolish people said that hemp is dangerous and broke off hemp trade. It' s a pity.. I hope hemp will be legalised.  Another pitiful thing is that we had wonderful tea from the herb called blooming sally. It is really very good for health,  in 18-19th centuries Europe bought this tea and called it Russian tea. But then rivals' antiadvertising broke off the tea trade. Now we don't even know about this tea in Russia. My granny stored up the herb but I didn't know it's so good for health. I'm glad I've read this information. Now I'm going to store up some blooming sally.

Another recent thought was about Iceland, what a wonderful economy they've managed to make. I wish them every success! And I think a lot about my lessons, how to improve them and so on.. I think that we have too many foreigners working here illegally for tiny salary!  I think that Russian nature is the most beautiful for me. I don't want to go to any resorts abroad. I'm happy in Russian forest! No mosquitoes can frighten me. I want so much to go to our country house but I'm sick now. I love the Russian language and I like to think about the etymology of different words... Well, I think enough for now.)))

What a great thought! )) Though I want more explanation about why hemp became forbidden now and its leaf looked like pot leaf, am I right? and about the herb why too? But since you said you are sick, let keep it awhile. I hope you get better soon, Leilla )) 


 Bolshoy Spasibo ^^

Наверное, ответить нужно было по-английски?


Про экономику России, в ближайшие годы, лучше даже не начинать думать.

Умирает Россия...( Всё очень плохо! Разруха в стране полная! Мы ничего не производим, только потребляем. Воровство процветает в космических масштабах (воруют миллионами - миллиардами). "И за крупные кражи не сажают в тюрьму, а вот за украденный мешок картошки могут посадить..." (это сейчас основная мысль в стране) Пока есть нефть и газ, пока народ зомбируется TV и пьёт водку - жизнь кое-как идёт. Закончится нефть - и свет погаснет...(

Дальше лучше не продолжать...


Такие вот мысли)




It is not quite so. Now more and more people in Russia don't drink vodka. We broke the bad habits and began to do sports. The young have a new motto: "Russian means sober". So I think that only together we can do our beloved Motherland great and strong!

Thanks Alex and Denis ))


My translation to Alex Mbongi


You shouldn't start thinking of Russian economy at least for near future. Russia is dying now. (Everything is bad! The whole country is ruined! We produce nothing just only consume. Corruption is thriving here. Millions and billions of rubles are being stolen. You wouldn't be put in prison for long years if you stole much money, as if you stole a potato bag... (this is the main point of view in Russia for now). Untill oil and gas are pumped out grass roots are brainwashed on TV and drink Vodka - life is going on somehow. When oil ends up - we all will go to rack and ruin...(

We'd better no to go over this subject.


That's all theres to it)


My home where I am. My homeland is my family.


I do all I can in order to my family live better. Here and now.

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