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style your english language

which one is difficult "British style, American style, or Australian style"in your english language???explain it??^^



I would hesitate to use the term "style" with regard to the pronunciation differences among British, America, and Austrialian spoken English.  Academic English has very few differences throughout the world.  North American English (NAmE) usually uses an "er" ending on words while British English (BrE) often uses "re" as in the NAmE word "theater".  Canadians will often use "re" for such words so in that respect, they are more like BrE than their southern neighbors.  I have found that it is perfectly acceptable to retain the pronunciation first learned and others will understand.  The grammar is universal and so is the academic vocabulary.  Personally, everyone I know speaks with the academic vocabulary and we are universally understood.

American style is easier for me. May be watching alot of american films.

I do agree with ayad.. when peoples speak up with british accent, so hard for me to get what they said.. 

Luwih angel maneh, nggowo kromo inggil teh...


Ketemu juga kmu tih...


For me, American accent is much easier than British spoken English because of the huge number of American Movies, At the same time, I love the way the British natives speak, it is so funny and beautiful accent but still harder to speak it XD , I don't know anything about the Australian or Cnadian accent.

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