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Skype group for English practice

I'm a university student majoring in french,but English is also compulsory in universities as is known to all. A few weeks ago, I joined a group on skype where everyone can talk in English but it's not as active as what it used to be because of different time zones and busy schedule.So I'm considering making a skype group myself and let more people to paticipate in. We'll have voice chat from time to time cuz english ability can be greatly improved in that way as far as I'm concerned. Plus we can have more friends from all over the world,isn't that awesome?
So,wherever you're from(native or not native),as long as you're interested in English practice,plz fill out the form below or just PM me. I'll add you to the group as soon as possible.
Skype ID:
PS: This group is only for English practice, so plz no sensitive topics. And of course, stay active!
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