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How can we be strong against problems?

Every day some of us have  a problem that we cant predict them , I know we need help but sometime anyone cant help us, maybe God can help us............



man is a weak and enamies are plentiful. So we must get support fist god than our parents and friends. 

Life is full of problems sometimes, or we sometimes have like a dark cloud above us haha But remember to look for shelter in God, the most merciful. Regards my friend! :-)

Just say toyourself 3x; I can do this and you will!


A Problem is always your chance to do your best and to become stronger & smarter.

You can learn how to solve and overcome a tough situation through it.

After you get over it, you'll find that you obtain more self-confidence.

When I face a big problem alone, I always try to think like this.


“We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations.” 


Don't worry about it. God never gives you a problem which you can't overcome!


It is a process of maturity in your life . By way of confrontation of different problems , you will achieve your life and learn how to deal with ordeals under different distress . It can endow you wisdom to be ripe if you look postive to face the hurdle ahead .

I agree with Coco.. God never gives you a problem which you can't overcome, just face it in a good way. Keep your thoughts positive that God gives you this problem because He reminds you and loves you. God has prepared a beautiful plan for you through those problems. :)

If you can persevere flexibility to various problems , I think there is nothing to lose.

Make sure you have identified your problem and clarify the context as you can  . If you did not ascertain you had elucidate the whole trouble, you might ask your friends or family to analyze for you . I think , the majority of problems can be solved with satisfaction after you can figure out the context .

yeah trust in god he will help us in that complex life

the best way of solving the problem is to avoid the problem. we should learn to predict that problem. so ,,,i am not talking to solve the problem but how to predict 



please google"Murphy's Law"  ; let's do that            agree ?

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