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is it matter if I am Indonesian ? I always think peoples from foreign country doesnt like indonesian :p

well, you know that I am new comer here. I just want to enchance my english skill, or any language that you willling to teach it :D so please dont judge me first. I hope I could find some friends here.



İ havent met an İndenesian but İ heard good things about them. 

thanks a lot, sir. try to visit indonesia. and you'll know how kind the indonesian :D

I have one friend here on italki who come from Indonesia and she is very good person.I think it does not matter from which country we come,it is more important how are we like persons. :)

Also if we meet someone who is not good,that does not mean that all from these country are same as that person.




yep, it would be a bad start if we judge people just from which country that they stay. Also, it would be great if we have many friends from here, right ? we could learn any language that we want, also share anything. IMO.

In my view; as an Indonesian, it's doesn't matter if we're Indonesian as long as we behave in good way and talk decently.  It has nothing to do with race, so It's time to make this world a place with equal rights and all people respected. Nobody should be harmed because of race.


Keep moving forward! 

why you get that feeling?!!

we have nothing bad with indonisians.

I have lots of Indonesian friends here in Egypt studying in my university and they are so kind and cool people. besides my love to the Indonesia itself and its culture. You should be proud to be Indonesian bro.

What makes you think about that? Do you have any experience that makes you feel that way? I don't think there is something wrong with Indoenesian though I dont have a close friend from indonesia.

Indonesian mobs slaughtered thousands of Chineses in 1998,do you remember that?

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