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Which exotic fruits have you ever eaten in your life?

I have eaten - Durian ;)



Do you like the taste?

Do you mean Durian as the fruit which has torns on its outer part?

We grow that plant beside our house, and I've tried it too.



1. No, i dont like it.

2. Yes, i mean this fruit.

3. Do you like the durian taste?


I like Durian very much. Since I live in a tropical country, I have tried so many fruit. "Jackfruit" and "Rambutan" are my favorite. 

No, I don't like the taste, but I like the smell. Even we have the trees in our garden, and I've tried several times, I think It's hard for me to like it. 

We often have "Durian party" with friends or family members,,,,but I just watched them enjoying the fruit  

the one tropical fruit named Mangosteen~is juicy,sour and sweet~

I have eaten lots of bananas!

Mangosteen ;)

Orange !



Pink Lady Apple

Tentation Apple

Kiwi fruit

Pepino Melon


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