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Do we have Good or Bad social networks?

Hi all

I wonder if it really sounds that we spend our online time on good or bad social networks.

How do you classify social networks? And how they help you on your real life?

For example italki is a good social network for learning new languages and take a look at other cultures and their people. if you check it daily you will find cool new things about the rest of the world.

But how about other sites and services that we use daily? How do you look at social networks? a place for spending your extra or idle time or a place for learn and investigate in new and strong relationships?





look, I'll give you an example to express my idea: 

what do you think of the knives? are knives good?

the point is that sombedy can use a knife to kill somebody. does it mean knives are bad?

no! knives are very helpful in the kitchen. The same knife can either help in the kitchen or kill somebody

what is the difference? the one who use it.

It is the same with the social networks, they are not good or bad. Everything depends of the one who use it.

My intetion from running this discussion is to know if anybody believe in useful web or not.

I know that our own goal from using social networks is imporatant but everything in life is a trade off.

I just want to know how others deal with web and what they want to earn in return of spending their time on it.

love ,money ,fame, friendship ,.... you name it.

I got it

I use the social networks as a way to practice languages and to help others with language practicing. Also I use it to communicate important things with people as I use the phone or the cell phone.

It is important for you to approach any social network on web . It is very easy to addict in so charming world on internet especially for most junior freshmen  . You need to identify you intention and know why you waste most of your time on these networks . You may do so for friendship or language exchange etc. , anyway , identify what you want is the first priority to surf these webs . After all , they are burning your life and time . Everything has both sides , you need to recogize what you need.

Addicting to social sites is not a new thing but the question is how people addicted to them?

What cause them to remain for hours in sites like fb?

Maybe they didn't have any predefined goal? Or there are other things that I don't know about?

To make a real connection is hard to achieve for most young generation . To establish a physical social networks needs time , space, frustration and efforts . Internet is much easier as opposed to socail websites . In my observation , love of young generation is faster than my age . Their friendship and love were linked loosely yet faster just like instant noodles . It is not a supprise to know they embrace FB as their chief social network as it is too convenient . Nowadays , young people do hope they can take a shortcup to achieve their goals as soon as possible . Even Email cannot satisfy their demand . FB is definitely the hottest site I never doubt  .


Geneally speaking , I cannot live without internet . I attempt not to addict in any social network , but tell the truth ,it is appealing to me . I have to proportion to my physical world .

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