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Book recommendations in French?

Any book recommendations in French? I'm looking for French literature with an "easy" language. I know. Literature is rarely an easy read for foreigns (and sometimes for natives). But if someone asked me the same thing in English I wouldn't recommend, for instance, James Joyce over Hemingway. 



I'd say le petit prince is easy to read. La vie devant soi and la langue maternelle by Vassilis Alexakis are easy enough, too.

Well @Suzumiya already said Le Petit Prince which was my first book in French and it's awesome *.*


Now I'm reading Le Mer des Monstres which is the sequence to The Lightning Thief... And I also have Le Trone de Fer (Game of Thrones).

Merci à tous. Le Trone de Fer a l'air bien. J'ai des amis qui aiment vraiment Game of Thrones, mais je n'ai pas encore lu les livres.

I'd suggest you to read first Game of Thrones in the original and then any translation you want. A translation can sometimes make a big difference between liking or disliking a book.

Tu as bien raison! De toute façon, je crois que je vais essayer lire un peu de la littérature française! Pas de traduction de livres étrangers vers le français. :)

Voltaire - candide

 et voltaire - zadig

J'ai déjà lu Candide, mais en traduction. J'ai bien rigolé. Je crois que je vais le relire en français alors! Merci bien

You could read easy reading authors like Marc Levy or Guillaume Musso (very well-known).

You can also make a research of the type of book you are looking for in Amazon (in French of course).

Thank you very much @Karen, i didn't know that Et Si C'était Vrai was a book... I don't really like romantic comedy but I like this movie \o/

Comme quelqu'un d'autre a mentionné, le petit prince est un bon livre assez facile à lire.  D'autres livres pas mal bons sont (je ne me souviens plus des auteurs) Le passager et Surreal 3000

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