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How to improve my English skill

How to improve my English?Who can tell me?I can teach u Chinese....



you just need study and practice

Dedication towards learning.


Which one do you wish to improve - listening, writing, reading or speaking ?

You need to practice and practice. it is better that you find a friend and chat with her/him 

I can speak English fluently during my university.I have been holding my dream to become an interpreter.At first i dared not communicate with foreigners just listen .I was afaid some miatakes in my grammer and pronunciation.After some time ,i tried to talk to them to practise my spoken English.I lost touch with my foreigners after graduation.English is not a need at my work so i have not learned for three years.One day i met a Canadian  friends in an elevator and he said "Hi"to me,but i can not speak.I feel so sad If you can help me pick up English again I will thank u very much.I would be happy to make friends with u.What's more, if someone find any mistake in my article--no matter grammar mistake or spelling mistake, please point it out. Thanks a lot!

Do you love litening to music?

If you do, maybe you can learn from the songs which you hear. Then , search the lyrics and the meaning.

Fighting! :D

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