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Why are Sundays so boring?

I hate sundays, they are so depressing, the streets get empty, most stores are closed and there is nothing interesting to do.


What do you thing about sundays?



It's because you know the monday's coming hahahahahahah

but I think the problem of not to find anything to do is not sunday's problem, it's yours. Always you have  things to do but you can not see it.

I like Sundays because Sunday is the only day when we all the family members take lunch and dinner together and have lots of fun.

i hate sundays too, but i hate it for another reason, most time the boredom feels too hard, but it feels better as soon as i got hobby.

Saturday   and sunday is really fun.. Many people will  go out, watch movie, and drink..

Sundays are what YOU make them 

normally sunday is considered a rest day .  a meditation to people who works 5 days a week.

it's a family day too to a domesticated person.... making quality  fun time .

or a camping fun schedule....a recharging day to most people with hectic time schedule

and least it is our relaxation day...that is why  we sometimes felt boredome because we stayed

on bed just staring on the four corners of the wall...and then without noticing our actions,  we tend to fall asleep again  and feel  dis interested of doing something ... it is a non pressure day that makes you a boss of your own ...a non challenging day of the week.

well,i would hate everyday if i were frustrated.

i think all the emotions totally depend on youself.

maybe just try your best to be positive.

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