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Do you believe in life after death?



I believe in god =)

Yeah, sure it's the everlasting life, either in Paradise or hell. (Hope we all be in Paradis.) :)


As much as I believe in life before birth. In my childhood I also believed in Santa. However I don't think that it realy impresses somebody here

sure i believe

I believe in death after life!

I think that all the things we can say about that are just speculation, nobody has died and lived again to explain us what happen after death

nobady come from heaven or hell and tell us about there. its really make me confuse.

Nope. When the brain is damaged, there is a loss of cognitive function. When it's damaged all the way, we die, and that's the end of it. We need our brains to have memories, learn, be alive etc.

i think that every person believe in after death,but some of them just can't admit :))) because it's hard not to believe and think "i will live maybe 70 years and then die?!" its not an easy feeling.and after death make people better i believe..i believe in God and i am a Muslim so i believe also everything in it. it tells after death.and if there is no after death then why we are in this world? just to live for maximum 80 years?this is not "Sims" play :)) so let's live well and prepare for the next world because it's absolutely waiting us there :)

No I don't believe.

This life is the frst and last opportunity to do some good deeds.

Neither before nor after we can have the chance to enjoy or regret our needs.

Whatever is going to happen its here only till your breath sounds.


As you sow, so shall you reap.

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