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do you love your nationality? :)

i am Egyptian and proud :) ~~ what about you?! :)



Yeah, sure I love being an Egyptian sitizen. And I really hope everything good come over our country. 
God willing everything will be better. :) 

I am colombian and I don't like it. The first thing I'm gonna do when I finish the universtity is to leave my country.

Unfortunately, I don't feel that proud to be Egyptian anymore. After what happened recently.

I am thinking seriously to immigrate. I might be proud of just the History and these past stuff. but nowadays there is nothing convincing us to be proud.

Yes sure ! I love my country Philippines. it has 4 kinds of weather to enjoy. we have democratic government. we have civil rights to enjoy. sometimes we are like what you feel...but if you are an average

person  with average cost of living we have no choice but be content of what we have. otherwise it will cause us harm. we cannot fight to people with guns and armory...people in the government plays politics that we ordinary people cannot stand with hostilities. all we could do is aim for a "WORLD PEACE"

it is our Identity no matter what ? you cannot deny your own race that runs in your blood.

Be patient....we may not like our leaders... but the culture and its history we have to admit

is abundantly beautiful to comemmorize. every country 's History  is written in books . 

Absolutely you right , but don't forget Egypt mentioned in Quran For 5 times and it's a big reason to be proud by your nationality! :)

i absolutely love my country:TURKEY :) there are many reasons  to love it:OUR HISTORY,our government(at the moment) , my people, my religion,my foods (:D) ,culture,my sweet language and moreover just the feeling of "this country is belong to me" ..and about nationality : if i had a chance to choice my nationality, i would choice being turkish again! :) .. by the way i am definitely not racist , i love all of nationalities.and i love all of people who are not racist. ;)) 

i think i love my nationality,China is develop rapidly and peacefull now,many people can find  a job,and live the normal life.the Chinese is ricer than before.i think everbody love their nationality just like everyone love their family.

however there are also many problems,such as the visa,many country's people can go to another country with visa-free,but in China not,and also,the network.we can not open the foreign web,like the facebook,youtube...i think it is not good.


Before your approaching such an issue , it is necessary to elucidate the fact between people living on the land and nationality .  For the land which bring you up , you may love or cherish your dream in your lifetime . People who around you might be treasured in your mind and emotion. However, nationality is pretty complicated than your passion . Nationality is often combined with government and its system which is often regarded as a resource of disappointment .  People are often disappoint at their government to some extent somehow . But yet , I believe , most people love their people on the land and culture which nurture them .

yeah sure!

I'm Pakistani and i'm proud to be a Pakistani....

It's so beautiful, Rich and progressive country and has the base on Qalma e Taybba..... do you wanna get mor??????

I'm italian and proud :D 

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