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I love chess! And you?

What's your favourite player / game? How good are you in chess? :)

I love Tal, he was a magician.



I love chess too. I don't have favorite player, and I don't know how good am I, I think I have a medium level but we can someday.

I love chess and my favorite player is my father .. he is really good and chess and my mother is good in scrabble.. but I am better in scrabble than chess.

I like to play chess, sometimes I play with my father or with some of my friends.

I challenge you.

I have always enjoyed chess.  A looooong time ago, before there was an internet, and when a phone call to another country cost a small fortune, I used to play chess from my home in the USA, with a friend who lived in Tokyo, Japan.  After I made a move, I would mail a letter to Japan informing him of my move; then my friend would make a move, and mail me a letter back to the US.  A game would last many months, but I'll never forget how much I enjoyed playing chess across the Pacific!

@Blitzy: Challenge accepted! Where & when? :)

Personally I use to play games with people but we can arrange smt else, up to you. It could be fun - 1st italki chess tournament ;)

i play chess with my son...we bet consequence for a losser. I let him do the task of cleaning the toilet when he lose. but not often. what i play most if we have time is a scrabble. it helps  enhance ones vocabulary. try it.words used in scrabble are to be identified as what parts of speech it belongs.

try playing scrabble if your vocabulary is limited. it will be enhanced.

@Piotr I just made an account there, dunno how it works :o

@Neil: yes, correspondence chess! It's not very popular to send moves via 'snail mail' nowadays, but there are few websites dedicated to this type of chess, e.g.

@Blitzy: me too, I just signed up. I recommend you to register at Then tell me your login name and I'll challenge you :) We can even publish the game here :)

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