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American movies in modern standard arabic


Are there any American movies available dubbed in modern standard arabic in DVD format? and are there any websites selling them in US?



we have subtietile in arbic but if u need anything in aribc tell me iam native arbic


I am trying to purchase, DVDs that's arabic soundtrack and subtitles, I don't know where to find that kind of DVDs are there any websites?


Hmmmm, you know what, you can get the movie on your computer then get the Arabic subtitles avilable online can get you some if you wish, and add them to a progeam like VLC and TaTa you have your movie subtitled.

If you want it dubbed in Arabic then that is aviliable in documentaries mostly, also sometimes they have movies dubbed on a channal like mbc. 

And indeed animations avilable and dubbed even in Egyptian dilect.


But to purchase it I don't know to be honest.

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