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Chinese TV shows with English subs

I want to replace any down time I use for TV shows with Mandarin TV shows but I cannot find any with English Subtitles. Does anyone know where I can find some? Currently I am just watching a load of martial arts films that are in Mandarin, I can only recognise the odd word here and there but I think I'm better off watching these instead of English Films/TV shows. I have looked at funshion / PPTV and PPStream but none seem to have English subs.




You might find something that will interest you on here. It's mainly movies but there's a few TV shows.

I think your best bet may be to rent Chinese films (in Mandarin) on DVD produced in Hong Kong. Usually, DVDs from HK have a subtitle setting that allows you to choose to display English.


Hey:) ,foreigner in China, the home far away These are the links from CCTV, they have a series of program to help foreigners learn chinese, not tv programs, though:)


I have the same question. Thanks for asking it. I'd recommend the "Bite of China" series, which is a very well-made 7-part documentary about Chinese food -- it's the first one that came up under TV shows on Beth's link below, but it doesn't have English subs there. English subtitled versions are also available on youtube. Just search for 舌尖上的中国英文. Here's episode 1: was a site provided to my from a user of Chinesepod


all the programs on cctv4(中央电视台中文国际频道)have english subs

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