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How would you relax yourself if you have a lot of pressure?




I will eat lots of dilicious food.

Correction, You will eat lots of DELICIOUS food. right? ;)

I will take help of Chinese traditional music or any classical music. Besides, a conversation with any Chinese friend or foreign friend would help me I think. :)

I agree with snow, and I take a nap.

i usually eat mcdonalds and shakeys or pizzahut. I watch horror movie or comedy

so simple... go to sleep.. you were able to let your cells and nerves rest  and re charged.

 I will try to meditate my mind because sometime people don't feel like to watch movies, eating too much or taking a nap.

First of all , I would check how the pressure derives from . I would try to find the possible  solution to solve as possible .If the problem can be soved , do it immediately and not defer by any excuse  . I recall I ever read a philosopher's notion : do not cry , do not laugh , just understand what happened . I find it is very useful to deal with various pressure for more than 80% cases you might encounter . Attempt to find the thread as you can and you mind will tell how you can do once you have noticed the real resource . Secondly , I suggest you might go outside into the wild . The landscape will tell you how to find your vision to relase your pressure . Never try to stay in your house to find the solution . Very often , you problem would not get solved at home or worse , you could be mired into deep depression. Some people could choose commit suicide to release thier pressure which we do not hope  . Finally , take some simple exercise . I strongly belive exercise can keep you sanity and more positve thinking . Based on recently reseach , taking exercise will drive your brain to secrete endorphine to facilitate your thinking and offer more postive thinking to the hurdle you met . That is definitely a wonderful thing for your distress .

Picturize the whole universe in your mind. Our galaxy is only 1 among the infinite others. Among the many planets in our galaxy, earth is only a small one. In Earth, you are only 1 creature out of the countless number of living organisms let alone human beings. Now see the big picture altogether and your tiny role in the vastness of the entire universe .. so tiny as to be invisible and this creature imagines itself to be having a big can it be after all??.. Plus, unlike the planets and the galaxies, this creature is mortal with a lifespan.. In the everlasting eons of the universe, the lifespan of this creature is less than miniscule, and it is wasting its finite time and energy in stressing itself out.. For what??

The point is when you are stressed, you tend to focus your attention to immediate needs and purposes and hence miss the big picture.. It's all about how you can train your thoughts to think differently.. to think out of the box.. If all that fails, just have sex. :)

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