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Your future.

if you had a book that contains the full story of your life. would you read it???



Yes, I will. May be to avoid some of the mistakes.

jajaja it could be possible

I entered this hoping to learn my future, leaving dissapointed...

Did you ever see the film "A Beautiful Mind"? That was nothing like John Nash's real biography. I mean, it was to some extent, but you understand.

I won't,

Did you ever see the movie "The Never ending Story?". The kid reads the story, and realizes it's about him and what he must do to change the destiny

But, if you read it, your life can become boring, because you already know what will happen every day! and also, we learn of mistakes, if we try to avoid failing maybe the life does not teach you anything.

for real.. Shit Girls Say.. the book its soo.. me :)


I would love to read it indeed , nevertheless , if I could change my life as GOD wrote the script , I would be more delightful .


I will probably not read it. I like surprises as it teaches me how to be spontaneous.

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