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i want to learn English





Good day. You can learn English by typing your English questions here or to find a language partner or an English teacher on this site. Good luck with your English. Teacher Hannes
You can do it! :) This site can greatly help you to improve your English. You can make friends and learn from them or you can find a teacher, like me, that can teach you English while becoming your friend. Hope you do well with your desire to get better at English. :)

i want to a number 1 to ten ....ten is the highest number. where are you in your English?

This is to assess of where to start with your desire of learning the English language.

I am most willing to help you. just type in message here for a start up. Goodluck !

Im looking for someone to speak english with me, i can teach you the spanish languge im from mexico.

you can study from the whatever you want.

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