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do you guys know any girl chinese names and their meanings?

i have to pick a chinese name for school and i really am clueless. any help?



I'm not chinese, but I find this link in wikipedia, that maybe can help you

Maybe you can tell us about your name in your native language, and perhapps we can find a Chinese name that sounds like or has the similar meanings with your native one.

My name in English is Najila

依娜    IS good

芷溪 雨涵 羽庭

if you are a girl, 依娜 will be good,and if you are a boy, 纪纳 is good

i make name to my pupils before,maybe you can contact with me,tell me your english name,i can help you.bye the way.i think you should get a simply name to let others remember you.




hope that will help.

美娜; perfect.


Family name: ji 吉 means propitious and favonian, is also one of many Chinese family names.

Given name: nala 娜拉 this given name also belongs to Zhang Nala, a well-known actress of South Korea and popular with many Chinese youngsters.

This is for your reference only.

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