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If you learned that you only had one day to live, how would you spend your time?

I would spend all my money to buy the delicious food and enjoy myself. How about you?



 I will take all my money out and spend all day with my mom and sister in the plessure ground.

I'll make a new wish, "God! Please give me some more time to enjoy my life". I will eat a lot of burgers, pizzas and cold drinks also on that day, because I'll not enough time to be fatty. 

I would go to my mom's house and spend the whole day with her, make her happy all the time so that she would be grateful of having a child.

I will spend all time to love.^__^

İ will pray


I would call everyone to say goodbye.

I think, I would try to do gifts for people, whom I love. So, they will see on it in future and memorize me. 


I would behave as usual..)

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