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How to improve oral Enlish?

It's a normal problem for chinese students.We learn grammar and vocabulary very well,but we can't chat with foreigners.I've passed CET6,but I can't watchUS TV series  without chinese captions.What about you?(BTY,are there any mistakes in this sentences?)



Hi chloe,

i had a same problem in past. now i am use different system for learn english.
i can tell u what material i am use, just send me a message

Actually,it is my problem same you and i am following this tittle

I think you should watch English film and series with subtitle.You should speak yourselves and other friends



Obviousy,i learn grammar and vocabulary not well and my spoken englis is more poor which can describe "too horrible to look at"  .

keep to practice and not shy ,although we all know how to do ,the big problem is we all care about others' thought and have no courage to speek it loudly..


It is normal. watch a movie more than once. First with sub, second time without sub. if you keep doing that you will improve fast.

If you cannot get English film with subtitles(Chinese subtitle is not preferred) , I consider you might listen to any footage few times to train your ears . Your sentence is above average , yet , speaking and listening are different pathways of learning from writing . Speaking can proceed if you can find a preferable partner who is willing to practice with you .

How to find a favorable language partner ?

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